As a business owner, you can offer a cash discount on goods and services. It makes sense to incent customers to use cash. Therefore, you as the business owner can keep your cost down. You institute a service fee to all goods and services and post it with signage provided by iBUXX.

If a customer decides to pay with cash, you give them the discount and don’t charge them the service fee.

  • Cash Discount

    Lower business expenses by offering a cash discount on goods and services. With ibuxx it’s easy! The transaction fee is calculated automatically for customers swiping cards and nothing extra is charged when they pay with cash, i.e., CASH DISCOUNT. Notifications of services must be posted at register. Signage is provided by Impact PaySystem.

  • No Service Fee

    There is no service fee when customers pay with cash.

  • Instant Results

    Credit card fees are automatically figured and added by the ibuxx terminal at checkout.

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